The “22nd 2CV World Meeting” event will occur between the 26th and the 31st of July 2017, in Ericeira, Portugal.

Thirty years after the 7th 2CV World Meeting in 1987, Ericeira receives again world’s biggest 2CV event.

7º Encontro 2CV - Ericeira 1987

7º Encontro 2CV – Ericeira 1987

The 2017 edition will have:

  • Museu de 2CV no Palácio Nacional de Mafra;
  • A 2CVCross demonstration;
  • A concourse of 2CV disassemble and assemble;
  • The arrival of an international 2CV raid to Portugal;
  • Concours D’Elegance for 2CV e Derivatives;
  • Group ride to Mafra, with exclusive parking site for 2CVs in front of the National Palace, which celebrates 300 years of existence in 2017, with the opportunity to enjoy a Chimes Still concert, unique in the world and with limited inscriptions for it;
  • A 2CV Museum, installed in Mafra’s National Palace, which will feature vehicles from the Citroën Heritage collection, purposely brought from Paris, due to the election of the 22nd 2CV World Meeting as the EotY – Event of the Year 2017, in the Amicale Citroën International’s General Assembly.
22º Encontro Mundial dos Amigos 2CV

22º Encontro Mundial dos Amigos 2CV

As tradition in this event, every day, in the morning, there will be an open fair (“Feira da Ladra”) for selling of 2CV parts and related objects.

And for children there will be made the following activities:

  • Sand building;
  • Inflated diversions sites;
  • Drawing concours.

By now, we have already over passed one hundred inscriptions, with cars and drivers from all places in the world:

  • Portugal – 40
  • Alemanha – 27
  • França – 24
  • Bélgica – 15
  • Grã-Bretanha – 13
  • Itália – 10
  • Holanda – 8
  • Austria – 7
  • Suécia – 4
  • Suiça – 3
  • Luxemburgo – 2
  • EUA – 2
  • Finlândia – 1
  • Noruega – 1
  • Nova Zelandia – 1

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