In the meeting with all Portuguese 2CV associations – Presidents’ Lunch, fulfilled at December 2nd 2012 in Aveiro, it was decided that Portugal would advance with its candidacy to the 22nd 2CV World Meeting in 2017.

In this sense, it was elected a pre-commission with the important mission to seek and choose ideal place for the realization of this event, since it was defined that the candidacy would be presented with its location defined in 2013 on the 20th 2CV World Meeting in Alcañiz, Spain.

In the meantime, this pre commission scheduled a general meeting for the March 2nd 2013, at 15:00 on the Carnide parish council, for the constitution and election of the “2CVPortugal2017” association and its statutes and bylaws, where all 2CV associations and fans were invited to participate. This association became the one that would represent the Portuguese candidacy for the 22nd 2CV World Meeting organization.

Finally, on March 22nd, the association was officially registered on the National Body Corporate Registry, on Silvestre Pinheiro Ferreira square, nº 1-C, Apartado 4064, 1501-803 Lisboa. And on the April 12th from that same year it is announced the existence of conditions for the presentation of the candidacy on the 20th 2CV World Meeting.

On August 2nd 2013, we won the candidacy!
Besides Portugal, Slovenia also presented its candidacy. However, this country renounced to its application in favor of Portugal, having helped us to win by unanimity e acclaim.

Since that day that we’ve been working every day in order to provide to all participants an excellent stay in our country and in the 2CV World Meeting, 30 years later!