Concerning the association and the event itself, there are some questions that may occur. We will answer it all here.

What is the 2CVPORTUGAL2017 association?
This association has the mission to organize the 22nd 2CV World Meeting in Portugal in 2017, after its candidacy had been elected on the 20th 2CV World Meeting in Alcañiz, Spain.

How can i be Member of the association?
With an investment of multiples of 10€, being this value the smalest one to be invest. This should be transferred to the Association bank account, which IBAN and BIC SWIFT are indicated below:

  • NIB: 0035 0200 00009850 030 26
  • IBAN: PT50 0035 0200 00009850 030 26

What’s the difference between Funding Members and Effective Members?
Funding members are the ones who got their membership before May 31st 2013 and the effective members are the ones who got their membership after that.

What’s the annual cost for being member?
The paid value for became member is the only thing you have to pay up to 2017, unless you desire to reinforce your investment up to that year.

What will be the destiny of the money of the association and the one delivered by the members?
All this money will be used in common representation expenses, such as photocopies, boards, plastic canvas, etc.
Any expenses from any member that came to the 2CV World Meeting in Alcañiz were assumed by their own and never supported with money from the association.
The remain money will be shared by all members, with the win or lose of the candidacy, in a equitable way according the investment of each member up to the election moment. There will be defined per thousands for that.

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