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The 2CVPORTUGAL2017 association’s direction the biggest pleasure in announce that the noblest and most important event dedicated to the great automotive industry icon called Citroën 2CV will take place in Portugal in 2017 in the hamlet of Ericeira, 30 years after the previous one and in the same place, the Ericeira Campsite.

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2CV 2017 Portugal

The choose of the meeting site occurred after a initial search in all land Portugal counties, from we got 10% of answers, about 30. From those, after several meetings, it had been selected 3 finalist counties, that had been present on the 2CVPORTUGAL2017 association’s Extra General Assembly where, finally, it was made a democratically election, with the majority of votes in the Mafra county.

We are preparing a 2CV World Meeting of excellence, not the biggest but one of the best ever made. It will feature in its program:

  • A 2CVCross demonstration;
  • A concourse of 2CV disassemble and assemble;
  • The arrival of an international 2CV raid to Portugal;
  • Concours D’Elegance for 2CV e Derivatives;
  • Group ride to Mafra, with exclusive parking site for 2CVs in front of the National Palace, which celebrates 300 years of existence in 2017, with the opportunity to enjoy a Chimes Still concert, unique in the world and with limited inscriptions for it;
  • A 2CV Museum, installed in Mafra’s National Palace, wich will feature vehicles from the Citroën Heritage collection, purposely brought from Paris, due to the election of the 22nd 2CV World Meeting as the EotY – Event of the Year 2017, in the Amicale Citroën International’s General Assembly.


2CV PORTUGAL TOUR – July 15th to 25th 2017

The 2CV PORTUGAL TOUR, is a tour around all the adherent counties. It’s reserved to the World Meeting participants that make its pre-inscription up to May 31st 2017, with a more affordable price. The Tour can be started by the North or the South, since there are no mandatory stages or schedules. Each pre-inscription will receive a “2CV PASSAPORT” where should be stamped in all visited and accommodation sites, in the case of being adherents.

When arriving to Ericeira, the “2CV Passaport” owners will have surprise prizes, according to the existing stamps.

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